Thursday, February 14, 2013

Large Bright Fireball Lit Up The Sky Over Hamilton Ontario

Date:  Approx: December of 2007
Time:  Evening.

I remember being out in the street in Hamilton, Ontario one night around the same time. My father was talking to me and the sky lit up very bright and I saw a large fireball that seemed to be very low going by from south to north.

I was amazed that he kept talking to me and didn't comment on it. I then realized he thought it was the street lights coming on. I saw the street lights go off as the object passed and then come back on after.

I wonder about it for many years. There wasn't a big thing made of the event so I never pursued it, until I read the below account.

Vike Factor Note: The witness was referring to this sighting report: “Windsor, Ontario A Large Orange-Red Fireball Witnessed”

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  1. July 1989 east windsor ontario ,
    I was 12 years old ,when me and 3 friends witnessed a giant ball of fire race across the sky ,comming from the west and travelling seemed to be just above the tree line with no sound .to this day i have no explanation what we saw that night.