Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Unusual Pulsing Orange/Greenish Lines Over Hamilton Ontario (Mystery)

Date: March 3, 2010
Time: 0510 - 0545

Went out for a cigarette on my balcony at 0505. Just as I was about to finish and go back inside, I saw several pulsing orange/greenish lines. At the altitude observed, they were possibly 30,000 feet, due west over Hamilton. I can't be sure of exact vertical distance. I thought at first they were meteors or perhaps some sort of atmospheric affect. I've seen the aurora borealis first hand working in Algonquin, neither matched.

I thought it might have been a freakish reflection off a satellite from the sun, which had not crested the horizon yet. It was not, there were over 5-7 lines observed. I frantically called every friend on my call list, but only managed to get one.

She burst outside to observe the lines first hand. She also had another observe along side her. So I do have a couple other witnesses. I'm in a security position (not a rent a cop), that demands a level and objective clear thinking mind. I do carry a firearm at work. I also served in Hamilton in the army reserves. So to see something stationary, pulsing, and possibly miles long. Especially over a major populated area, which also houses an airport, I tried unsuccessfully to get hold of Hamilton airport to see if they were seeing the same phenomenon. I eventually called local police (Halton), which then transferred me to Hamilton.

Very calmly I explained real time what I was seeing, and mildly voiced my concern being it was to my experience, unnatural or regular occurrence. As stated in the time frame, this phenomenon occurred for just over a half hour, and as bright as a green laser. I thought just for a second, perhaps contrails. I dismissed that thought being the lines were completely vertical and glowing. No fighters in my experience leave a trail of the sort, nor a passenger airline. They almost looked like a giant tracer round, but again at the centre of each line, it was brightest at the centre. Again, the also pulsed, disappeared for a moment and returned in the exact same spot.

The only reason I don't believe the were above atmosphere or orbiting was their stationary position. If it was light reflecting off an orbital object, they would move accordingly. I'm not a conspiracy nut, I do find a fascination in UFO's but being a very big skeptic and rational, I obviously cannot confirm anything of that sort. In that context however, the closest thing I know of I can compare it to, would be Star Trek Next Generation, when the ship goes into warm and does that flash before going light speed. Don't know what to think, and hopefully have not cause myself trouble with the local police. Don't feel like getting my authorization to carry taken away because I called about little green men.

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