Saturday, January 16, 2010

UFO Encounter On Highway 43 (Stormont-Dundas Boundary Road)

Date: Summer of 1980 - 1982 ?
Around 11:00 p.m. to Midnight.

I have recounted this factual encounter many times over the years. I was living on the farm, sparsely populated dairy farming area on Highway 43.

Late at night, in the summer of 1980, 81 or 1982. I recollect about 11:00 p.m. to midnight. I saw 9 glowing orange lights appear through the kitchen window (facing north looking over farmer fields unobstructed all the way North to Ottawa about 25 to 30 miles due north).

I can't pinpoint the year exactly, but the sky had only stars in the background and I don't recall any moon in the sky that night when this encounter or sighting happened.

We even had a super 8 movie camera, but didn't think to get it for fear of missing this event. It happened, 100% certainty. The only uncertainty is where did these 9 saucers come from?

After looking out the window for perhaps 1 minute, I raced outside feeling an odd religious, or out of worldly feeling and seeing clearly 9 saucers which are in a holding pattern each individually hovering, each glowing a faint orange uniform colour, silently, about 1,000 feet high shaped like curling rocks.

The faint orange was distinctive, unmistakable and uniform as was the complete silence. I sensed they knew I was there and they were watching me, whoever they were. I moved forward off the porch and they held their position.

This lasted about 10 minutes or so until one darted across the entire horizon sideways (probably about 2 miles across in a nano-second) and then returned to formation, also in a nano-second.

Then some of the others darted across the sky in a similar fashion, with different directions and returned. I knew this was not of this known world because it was too sophisticated and this area is just barren field, mile after mile of farmland.

Finally, in order all 9 broke formation and zoomed upwards at a steep angle in single row, file silently and with no air displacement I was aware of, gone.

Not until 3 years ago while talking with another former resident of Highway 43 down the road from where we lived and maybe 3 miles from where I saw the flying orange saucers, does he tell me about the flying saucers of Finch and then about 2 years ago (name removed) who also lived about 3 miles down Highway 43 tells me that (name removed) also saw orange shaped UFO's around the same 1980's time frame which completely freaked him out.

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