Thursday, February 14, 2019

Two Hovering UFOs/Objects Over The Flight Line At The Loring A.F.B Northeastern Maine

Report was received on February 14, 2019.

Date:  Around 1963
Time:  Evening.

My name does not matter, and for obvious reasons will not be mentioned here. I was an airman assigned to a SAC (Strategic Air Command) base known as  Loring A.F.B  in northeastern Maine on or about 1963.

I was assigned to the "3080th" Squadron (ourselves and the "dogmen" near the flight line. I, among most others, did not have clearance to the "instant ",  yes; there was indeed an incident.

We (ourselves and the dogmen, who were the only "troops" out there, were lounging et al  on an evening when our normal activities were interrupted by whispers and a low type muttering and whispering (buzzing ) of voices indicating that something was going on (at that time we had "52's w/atomic warheads up 24/7 and the need for secrecy was obvious (everything was underground") .

AP's began streaming in from the flight line and all telling the consistent story of an incident supra that had occurred. To wit: these men were not prone to exaggeration or inaccurate opinions or facts, they were specifically trained to observe and respond to any threat that would interfere with the security and safety of the base and any conceivable threat that might possibly occur.

They were very level .com. We intermingled, and all, in concert, told the same story. The 2nd shift was set to leave their shift, and in the interim, the 3rd shift was arriving to (push them out, (relieve them)  but both shifts were still there. The squadron commander was called- the base commander was awakened and all were there to witness the exact same thing.

There were (2) orbs hovering over the flight line approximately (10-15 ' above the surface, not "distant objects in the remote sky at night",  not a remote seemingly strange apparition, they were right f.....g there! In fact, they were there in excess of an hour.

There was no one delirious, screaming or commotion that would accompany lesser men, just simply emphatic and relatively calm reaction to a very real situation. This is, in essence, what I was told. I believed them then  and I still believed them now, to the best of my knowledge and belief, etc. 

Thank you to the person for their report.

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