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Two Jetliners And One Metallic Disk UFO In The Sky South Of St. Thomas Ontario (Written Report/Audio Interview)

From Brian Vike’s UFO Files.

The Vike Report.

Date: October 6, 2005
Time: 12:10 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 3
Shape of objects: 2 Jetliners - 1 UFO metallic Disk.

Hello Brian, at lunch hour I was at home watching T.V.. I got up to stretch my legs and went to the kitchen, where we have a sliding door that goes to a back deck. It was a very nice day and the sky was clear.

I noticed two Jetliners that were in the sky cruising at jetliner altitude (approximately 10,000 feet - 15,000 feet). It's not unusual to see two jetliners in the sky, but these two jetliners were cruising exactly at the same altitude and only a couple hundred feet from each other.

They were heading west and leaving behind two straight fluffy white contrails. The contrails were extremely thick and did not dissolve, but extended back as far as I could see. The contrails also were evidence that the two jetliners were flying parallel.

Anyway, I thought it was cool to see this and started to call my wife for a look. While calling my wife and keeping my eye on the jetliners, I noticed that out in front of them (a few hundred feet and the same altitude) there was a shinny disk that was slightly wobbling as it traveled.

Then all of a sudden a very bright light emitted from the front of the disk and faded and then from the back of the disk. The disk was going faster than the jetliners and the jetliners seemed to be chasing it.

There was absolutely no exhaust or contrail coming from the disk object. Quickly I tried to get my camera, but could not locate it quickly, so I grab my binoculars. Taking quick aim I focused the binoculars on the jetliners and confirmed they were jetliners, but as they flew beyond the trees I could not locate the silver disk.

This observation lasted approximately 5 minutes. I am wondering if any jet pilot has filed a sighting or if anybody in the surrounding area has witnessed the same thing.

Now it's not unusual to see two objects close together in the sky, but three?

Yours truly.

Thank you to the witness for their report. 

Two Jetliners And One Metallic Disk UFO In The Sky South Of St. Thomas Ontario (Written Report/Audio Interview)

The audio interview was done with Brian Vike of The Vike Factor.

Canadian UFO Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: I did a telephone interview with a fellow who resides in St. Thomas Ontario. One day while watching two jetliners fly over, he spotted a metallic disk UFO. You are welcome to download and post the interviews on your websites, etc.. All I ask is if you would place a link back to me at

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