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UFOs Sightings Baffle Eyewitnesses In Tottenham Ontario

Date:  Late September/October 1989
Time:  Various times.

Hi, every 5 years or so I check online to see if anyone else had ever seen "unique" things buzzing around the Tottenham area. I read a story with this link posted.
Back in late September/October 1989 on a Friday.  I had just built a place in rural Tottenham.   

One night my house lit up like daylight at about 3:00 a.m. I was in bed and the light woke me up. I literally could have read and I tried to figure it out logically, so I looked out the  bedroom window. I'm on 10 acres and I noticed about 200' out toward my front lawn was lit. It made no sense that there was light in my house because there was no horizontal source at all.  

About 15 years later I was dating someone who grew up in the area and I was now living in. She told me that she was driving from Barrie, south on Highway 27 with 3 friends. One of the girls looked out the window on the east side and said, "wow”, the moon is bright. No one cared. It was before dark though. 

A few minutes later she said, the moon looks like its getting lower and none of the girls react. Then one notices the moon is intensely bright white light and  now was low and on the west side of the car. Now they are all paying attention to it. One says that's no moon, it’s a sphere.  

They said it followed them for 40 kms even as they turned onto Concessions. They were very afraid and drove to her parents house and all 4 ran in the house. The odd thing is that she knows it was a Friday in September 1989 because it was her bridal shower and the Concession she drove down was right by my house. 

So there's a high chance it was the same Friday because I was just moved in by mid month. Years later a local guy so casually and matter of fact mentioned playing road hockey 2 miles NW of me when he and 4 friends saw a quiet round thing with red lights spinning off to their right. I asked him how far and high. Being a farm kid he said, oh it was really close and no higher than a grain silo. They got a very good look. They said they weren't really scared, more confused. 
A few years later there was this triangular silhouette with red and blue. It was definitely not a strobe. I was in flight school at the time and flying. It was very slow and quiet. I also grew up near the Toronto airport off of runway 23 Left. I'd been to every military airshow for years and even got the US based military Wings TV channel. 

At this point, I admit my curiosity is piqued and I'm looking for the logical. I only told my brother about this. Back then I had never heard of a boomerang/triangle, so I wondered. Unexplained things are supposed to be round. I'm thinking an EMP version of the B2, but much much bigger (2 x and guessing just over 300' across) but close enough I could see no characteristic  angulations on the trailing edges.

I've seen static and flying B2/F117's) and it looked like it was going 50 mph tops, given its size. There were people reporting strange lights west of Bradford (I'm due west) and I even recall hearing about it on radio Q107 Toronto (CILQ FM at that time).

Lastly, in February, late '90s I fell asleep on my couch downstairs in my family room. I have double patio doors (open view) looking onto a forest about 300 feet back. I woke up because there was a bright ball of white light just in the forest.

My first waking thought was, who the heck parked a snowmobile with the high beam on on a work night at 2:30 a.m. I realized exactly where it was and that the brush is so thick you can't even walk a straight line there, let alone drive anything. So, once again very intrigued and looking to make sense of it. I wound up looking at it for an hour.

It was much, much brighter than a snowmobile, it was more like a stadium light with the bottom of it’s brightest point about 5' off the ground. Most of the light was in about a 15 feet diameter. I was initially going to go "shoo" the guy away, but I had no idea why someone would park a light 5 feet off the ground for an hour, so I just decided to observe it  to see if it would move. 

I had to fly to NYC for a meeting so I had to go to bed. A few days later when I returned I casually mentioned to my wife at the time, that if she ever saw anything unusual around here to let me know. I was actually looking for validation, but worded it exactly as above as I wanted a completely unbiased response. So she said okay therefore assuming she saw nothing.

About 2 days later out of the blue she says, what is that bright light I saw in the forest. I said when, it was the same morning. I know she got up at 5:30 a.m. So it was there for at least 3 hours.   

I went out there a few days later and there were large round circles in the snow, but there had also been a slight thaw and I know from a tracker that even a cottontail foot print can distort extensively after a thawing. There were definitely no snowmobile, ATV or tire tracks. Definitely. I wished I was back home earlier to check.  

Feel free to forward this to the guy who drove through here 25 years ago. One logical explanation is that Base Borden isn’t too far, but I would have thought we'd see that technology by now.

But I’m open. There are definitely interesting phenomena that I wish I could get a model number and picture of,  but it’s nice to know other people have similar observations. 

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.

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