Thursday, July 26, 2012

Black Triangle UFO Spotted In The Sky Over Oshawa Ontario

Date:  July 1997
Time:  Evening.

Hi Brian, I used to live in Oshawa near Ritson and Adelaide by the old GM factory which turned into Peregrine. Simply put, as I was walking down my street I looked up and not even 100 feet above the rooftops was a craft that had to be at half the length of the street, which would be about roughly 7-10 houses side by side.

It was triangular in shape and with a light at each of the corners and one centralized light. It moved in a very slow, but methodical manner.

I unfortunately being only 17 at the time did not have a decent cell phone with a video camera on it, nor did I happen to be carrying a video camera on me.

I thought I would share this as it was very easy to see the craft from my vantage of being directly underneath it. It was almost like it had slowed down to check me out, moments later it lifted straight up into the sky.

The craft although very close to me, was black and the lights were so bright that I was unable to make out any features of the craft beyond dimensions due to the light placement. Very awe inspiring.

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  1. Exactly what My mother saw lastnight out her window! About the size of a Ford Focus, moving east to was above our garage right in front of her....made a shushing noise and lasted about 3 mins, now she is mystified, and im rather freaked out!