Sunday, January 11, 2015

Brian Vike’s Audio Eyewitness Interviews (Covering UFOs/ Missing Time/Sasquatch/Ghosts)

 I am over some time, posting all of my audio interviews I have done over the years.

There is some stack of them, and I don’t know how many of these clips are actually still on the internet today, so I will post these one more time and are free to everyone who wishes to download or listen to the interviews.

These clips are © 2015 Brian Vike's, Vike Report Audio Interviews.

I am only going to post this once to the Canada page here, and the links below are to what I have posted so far. But for all the rest of the upcoming interviews, I will only be posting them to The Vike Factor at -

So if you want to grab them, you will have to check the link I have provided. Also you are welcome to post them to your websites, blogs, etc., but all I ask is you provide a link back to The Vike Factor  at -

I should add, many of the interviews had bumper music, advertisements in the clips. But I have been removing everything so you only have the interviews to listen to. Hope you will enjoy them all.

So here is what I have posted so far:

F4-Phantom Weapons Control Technicians Spot 3 Oval UFOs.

Ex Military Hears About Cow Found Mutilated In Burnt Circle At The Cannon AFB

Kecksburg UFO Crash Eyewitness Gives Detailed Account. (Possible First Person On The Site)

Eyewitness Lottie Has Numerous UFO Close Encounters In British Columbia Canada

Eyewitnesses Observe Spectacular UFO Events/Missing Time At Yankton South Dakota

Hovering UFO Blinding Light Needles Screams Marks On The Body At Thousand Oaks California

Ghost Stories - Dogs Sense The Dead

Ex Military/Ex Police Officer Reports On His Unusual UFO Sightings And Abduction

Security Guard Observes Huge Black Triangle Over The Bronx New York City

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