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Lights Fixed To Black Triangular UFOs Over Vancouver British Columbia

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Re-posted by Brian.

Date: June 8/9/10, 2004

Hi Brian, the past two days the weather has been fairly clear. More than a dozen of those weird multi colored stobing stars? Saw two of those triangle shaped sets of lights almost straight up from my locations. All six lights, were stobing multi colors when I zoomed in on them.

Also a number of those lights which look like metallic objects when I zoom in on them. 22:30 - June 8, I observed what appeared to be a large satellite passing over north to south.

It appeared to be about as big as the space station, only was pale yellow instead of the usual white. I had my camera already running and tried to swing it around to point at the satellite? But I was to slow, as the light passed over the tower across the street it just faded away. 22:32 - June 9, About five minutes earlier I aimed my camera at the area of the sky where I saw the satellite? yesterday.

For some unknown reason, I leaned forward and looked up. Just in time to see a large yellow light flash on just to the south of where my camera was pointed, within seconds it shrank to about the size of a normal star and continued south over my bldg. 23:17 - June 10, Soon as it got dark enough, I aimed my camera back at the same area and left it running.

Fairly heavy overcast, but took a chance it might clear. Was feeding the image through my TV. Saw two large bright lights flash on the screen. Duration only a second or two.

Ran back the tape and then checked it one frame at a time. Lights lasted about five frames, I noticed that they appeared to be sitting on top of black triangle objects.

The lower of which appeared to be at about a forty five degree angle as it was quite a bit narrower then the upper one. I tried making a drawing to show you roughly what they looked like. On the tape they were farther apart.

Thank you to the witness for the report

If people have seen unusual lights or strange craft in the sky over British Columbia, Canada, please drop me a line and I will get your sighting report to a group for investigation. (Email:

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