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Witnesses Observe Red Flying Object Over Port Hope Ontario

Date:  July 7, 2012
Time:  9:30 p.m.
I've been trying to leave a message on the blog sight, but I am new to computers so I will now try to e-mail you.
This is in response to your flying giant red fireball blog.
I am from Port Hope, Ontario and was just leaving a card party when 6 of us observed the red object that you described. Our observation lasted about 3 to 4 minutes from the viewpoints of far away to medium distance to directly overhead and then flying away reversing the distances again. If we had, had a camera amongst us, we could have had some of the best shots the world has ever seen of this thing.
But sadly you only have my word on what I observed so here it goes.

As we are leaving the party and saying our goodbyes and giving hugs when someone noticed the weird red light approaching from the north. This would be from the direction of where the city of Peterborough is from us near enough to the direction of HWY 28.
As it got closer the weird red circle turned into a red circular object with 3 tightly grouped pulsing red lights. These red lights were intensely red, not blinking off and on, but pulsing so that they never turned off and just got brighter and then lighter again.
There were comments from, “what the hell is it”, to “wouldn't it be funny if it was a UFO”. Before it got close we had time to make out loud observations. It looks like fire to it and has 3 pulsing lights so if it's a plane, where are its blue and white lights.
There was time to say, “why isn't it making any noise”, does anyone hear any noise coming from it. One called for her husband to come to the window to look. Like I had said we had a lot of time to observe.

As it came directly overhead the pulsing lights reflected onto the circular underbody of the solid craft. It is my conclusion that the fire like look of the object is caused by the intense fading and brightening of the lights reflecting off of a metallic like surface.
From a distance it looks like flames moving, but as we saw it from a great distance a medium distance and from directly overhead. I am satisfied with my conclusion of the fireball affect. Most of the pictures taken that I Googled match the far away look, kind of circular or definitely circular depending on the angle that the photos or filming was taken at.
None were taken from the close up observations that we were lucky enough to see.

From this close up observation we could see that there were no wings, no tail and absolutely no sound whatsoever. Since we saw it's complete traverse, it wasn't followed by that whole sound hasn't caught up to the observer yet thing, i.e. don't hear the plane until it's flown past you.

From our perspective we could not see the top of the craft, just the underside and all of the edges  that were lit up by the intense under lighting of the craft. This is how we concluded the roundness of the object.

As it passed on by us it was heading in a south easterly direction over the waterfront of Lake Ontario heading towards Cobourg as opposed to across the lake towards Rochester. It was travelling at a constant rate of speed in a smooth controlled line.
It arched it's way slowly to the east as if deciding to follow the lakeshore. If it was an unguided Chinese paper lantern for instance, it would have been swinging back and forth at the mercy of the winds etc.  I have seen or Googled Chinese paper lanterns and hot air balloons and weather balloons, all of which have the balloon part of the craft light up from the fire keeping it afloat.
It is bright and unmistakable, remembering that we had the time to see it from many angles and distances.

It was not a moon rise or a planetary rise (Venus, Jupiter or Mars) It was not sprite lightening or marsh gases. It was not a helicopter or the light open aircraft guy that has flown over this town for years. He is very loud and does not fly at night.
I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and spent my teen aged years sitting on the mountain brow (escarpment actually) , watching the planes fly overhead going to Mount Hope airport. I have seen a lot of strange night time things but I do know the underside of planes, which includes the antique historical planes which Mount Hope airport is famous for.

I am 52 years old and I am not some youngster who has no real life experiences to pull from. I am not some old biddy who doesn't know her backside from an open pit in the ground. I have been brought up with a scientific way of investigating things and am not one to jump to conclusions.
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

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