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UFOs In The Skies Over Lachine Quebec

Date:  2011
Time:  Early afternoon.

I had a strange sighting last year, on a a bright Saturday afternoon in Lachine, Quebec. It was early afternoon of a very sunny, but extremely windy day, with the wind directly from the west, buffeting me against the patio doors as a matter of fact.

I happened to glance upwards for some reason and passing overhead, the size of a Canadian fifty-cent piece of old at arm's length, was a circular object heading directly west, steady as can be if it was in the same air strata as I was, and for some reason, I began to count. 

In less that eight seconds it was gone into the horizon. It was steady, it was not an aircraft of any sort, nor a balloon of any type, party or weather, but round dirty-looking object of beige with some type of darker areas, and it meant business as it never wavered from its path. 

I noted that it seemed to have the effect of swimming through water, the sort of effect one sees as one pulls a toy ball through lake water, say, clear waves being formed at each side.

I tried to find as much information as possible, to rule out other explanations. I came across this and put it in my file:

It does make reference to Ontario of course. This object was steady, travelling very, very fast indeed, not turning either. And still a mystery in my mind.  Several years ago, I was walking to the nearby lake and stopped to cross a road, and looked up, to see something very similar up in the sky, stationary and revolving, dirty off-white with black markings that came up again and again. 

Once more, this was no balloon of any sort, and I have no idea.  I'd rather find out that these things are man-made actually, but they pose a mystery and no reports were shown in the paper.

Many years ago, rising early to feed a new babe in early December 1977,  I looked out of the window as dawn hastened on, and saw something so extraordinary in the sky, it was as though a massive fuel tanker had exploded in mid-air. 

There was no sound, and it was gone in seconds. The red and blackness of  writhing billows filled a large area of sky, and I thought a plane must have blown up. 

But there was nothing on the news, no reports from others and I have to add, I do not "see" things - am a rational and sensible person with not a little hint of skepticism in every cell.

Life is interesting of course, when we have these experiences.  It makes us realize that we know little of things we know not!

With sincere wishes.

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