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Triangular Shaped UFO And 300 Lights Spotted Clustered Together Over Saskatoon Saskatchewan (Diagrams)

Date:  March 31, 2012
Time:  9:04 p.m.
I saw something very similar over Saskatoon last night traveling in the same SW to NE direction.  Lethbridge is located SW of Saskatoon by a few 100kms, therefore this may have been the same vessel.

I was out for a walk and at 9:04 p.m. and I noticed to the north, low in the sky a group of lights.  These lights were bright enough to be visible to me with the streetlights shining in my face, but dim enough to not catch a person’s eye unless they were specifically looking in that direction. 

At first I thought, “hmm interesting the Pleiades”, but then realized the Pleiades are not in the northern sky.

I then noticed the lights were moving to the east, but they were not in a row like the Lethbridge sighting, but were about 8-10 clustered together, but in an elongated pattern up and down, and then I noticed 3 more lights near the back moving at the same speed. 

The lights were moving slowly and then they took a turn toward the NE and that’s when I noticed a silhouette of a triangle shaped vessel in between the cluster of lights and the two lights in the back.  I saw no lights on the vessel itself.

I crossed the street to get a better look as the lights were moving toward the NE direction and then the lights became spheres and increased in number such that there were about 300 of them all moving together like a swarm of bugs or birds. 

But they were glowing so they could not have been mistaken for birds, otherwise I would have seen a silhouette of them against the sky instead of light coming from them on the opposite side of the sunset.

There were a few clouds in the sky at the time in the distance, but it was mostly a clear sky.  There were several stars visible.

The spheres slowly moved off into the NE direction.  At that time I was not able to see any vessel, only hundreds of small spheres, going further and further away until they were too far away to be seen anymore.

I live in the East part of the city so the vessel was first noticed, at my best guesstimate, above the outskirts of the city near the edge of the Forestry Farm Park and Zoo.  I would estimate it, judging by the distance from the ground and the speed it was going, to be a bit longer than an average passenger plane, and definitely just as wide as long.  

It would have been perhaps a few kms above the ground.  It was traveling slower than a passenger plane that comes in for a landing.  My first thought that it was some stealthy military plane, but when I saw the 100’s of spheres, I knew it was not.

No sounds were heard at all.  It was silent.  There were no other witnesses around me at the time.

Here’s a few drawings.

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