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Bright Orange Glowing Lights in The Sky Seen Over Scarborough Ontario

Date:  March 29, 2012
Time:  Evening.
I wrote once before. November 3rd actually there were orange balls in the sky. Tonight, March 29th they came back. Exactly the same spot as November. Orange glowing balls in the sky.
There were two, though the second one came out very seldom. The main one came on and off, changing intensity of brightness. Went on for a few hours. Though were off more than they were on.  There was so air traffic in the sky when they were out.
You could see planes flying over to take a look. It's amazing how these lights just stay in one place all night. Even more amazing that they were in exactly the same place 6 months ago.
Additional Information:
I'm in Scarborough. On the bluffs looking east over the lake. Down the whole length of the lake. I'm 60 meters above the water. The lights were just above the horizon.
To my eye it was an inch above the horizon, so I'm not sure just how high it actually was. Like November 3rd.
The lights just sat there. In almost exactly the same place they were last time. If not exactly. The Pickering power plant is just north of the lights. I still think they are checking out the power plant. 
It's funny, as I have an unobstructed view of the lake from my couch, and since the November 3rd incident. I find I can't keep my eyes off the lake day and night. Earlier this week I thought I had seen the lights.
Then yesterday afternoon the clouds were really strange over the lake. Actually just overs where the lights are seen. I should have taken a picture of the clouds...  I was wondering if the lights would appear again last night after seeing those weird clouds and sure enough they did!!

The plane traffic going over to the lights were crazy!  Sometimes the lights would just go away... But for it's "finale" it came back on when there were about 6 planes overhead. And the light got brighter and brighter.
Then the 2nd one showed itself for a short time then fizzled out. The 1st light stopped flickering and became totally solid and super bright and then it went out for good.

It's so crazy!  After the November 3rd incident a few nights later there was a weird light at 4 am. Just a solid bright red light traveling super fast over the sky. No blinking no flashing just a bright red light. I wonder if that was something too.
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