Friday, February 5, 2010

UFO Sightings At Different Times Over Thunder Bay Ontario

Date: February 4, 2010
Time: Approx: 10:30 p.m.

Hello, my name is (name removed) and I am from Thunder Bay Ontario. It's come to my attention that there are lots of unidentified flying objects in the sky here. I have witnessed about 4 sightings myself and it makes me wonder what exactly could it be, a UFO, or something that is totally explainable.

I've noticed there are lots of military fighter jets here that fly around the skies here, sometimes circling the skies. The thing is that we have no military base here at all or in the area. One of my first sightings was about two years ago when I was waiting outside for the bus with my mother. We both looked up at the sky because we noticed a light moving in the sky, first we thought it was a plane or a satellite. It was a white light high in the sky that was slowly moving one direction, then it suddenly stopped and did a 90 degree turn and went in that direction. We watched it changed directions for awhile until it zoomed across the sky.

It was about 4:30am, my aunt and I were walking to the downtown mall. It was winter and we were in the middle of the street, then suddenly a big bright light of mixed colors of blue, white and green zoomed across the sky in a oval-ish shape, as it continued its direction the oval shape became more narrow until it was a long rod-shaped. Tonight on my home about 10:30 pm I looked up at the stars feeling I was going to see something. Beside Orion's belt there a new star, so I thought.

I look at those stars because a long time ago my mom, dad and I said those were our stars. It made me look at them almost every night for years during the winter. Beside that new star, there was a flashing white light, it didn't move or anything but flash for about 30 minutes. I noticed it starting my walk on my way home and looked at it again before I head in. The objects began to flash more frequently, then both objects suddenly at the same time flew across sky at the same time. I know this is kind of long but I just want an opinion. Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you.

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